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Yoga Retreats

A yoga retreat involves traveling to a place that is surrounded by natural beauty, we choose beautiful locations such as Matheran and Alibagh. Through yoga retreat, your body, mind, and soul are relaxed by taking the practice of yoga and meditation on the beaches or in the shadow of towering mountains. Come along with us in these amazing experiences and connect closely with nature, feel an intimate sense of rejuvenation, health, and happiness. Our retreats are generally 5 to 10 days long.

Daily Caloric Needs Estimate Calculator

Given your age, gender, height, weight & daily activity details, this calculator will help you determine your daily calories needs and calories you need to loose on weekly basis to maintain your weight.
The health calculator provided here is not provided as a substitute for any medical data, advice or tests. Please contact your health-care provider for any medical needs.

Read how yoga can help maintain and improve your health and productivity. Feel free to reach out to us for any query (s).

Recharge. Strengthen. Awaken

Inhale the present. Exhale the past.

Reduce Medical bills
Our daily workouts increase your immunity and help your body be prepared to fight diseases even without medication.
Memory Booster
Lesser known fact, yoga helps to improve memory. Therefore, it is highly recommended for students.
Acts as the bridge between body and mind
Yoga is an excellent tool to improve connection between body and mind. It helps you get full control over every inch of your body.
Breath alignment
Energy moves through the body most effectively when our body is aligned optimally with precision, means the breath and heart are optimally linked.
Inner peace
Deep relaxation is our focus as it helps you attain inner peace. Yoga not only reduces anger and anxiety, but will make you feel truly happy.
Makes you stronger
Our daily workouts not only increase strength and flexibility but also increase stamina to a great extent. Hence, in all it will surely make you more confident.
Our Yoga Classes

Healthy body is home to a healthy mind. And only with a healthy mind you can work properly to get a healthy body. On which should we work first? Working on both simultaneously is the only way.

Corporate workshops

It gives a message that the organization cares for its employees, and it will encourage them to work happily.
2 MonthsBasic25

Daily Yoga

Just by taking some time out for your health daily for yoga, you can do wonders.
3 MonthsAdvanced20

Kids Yoga

Mothers often complain about their child getting angry on tiny things; yoga provides a sense of stillness.
5 MonthsAdvanced30

Yoga Classes at your Place

Yoga is a great way to save ourselves from chronic disease and what better place is than our home.
4 MonthsBasic25
Sophia Loren

Weight loss Yoga

We make sure you reach your healthy weight holistically without leaving any stretch marks of the burned flab.
6 MonthsAdvanced25

Custom Yoga Class

Routine or session is designed by our experts according to your requirement and previous medical history.
2 MonthsAdvanced20
Sienna Miller

Classical Hatha Yoga

A set of exercises focused on body alignment, awareness of the breadth and observing the mind.
6 MonthsBasic40
Our Upcoming Events

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Google Reviews

Best Yoga Trainer in India Abhi IconBest Yoga Trainer in India Abhi

Kovalam Beach Road

5.0 259 reviews

  • Avatar Shoun Roger ★★★★★ a month ago
    Yoga was a very new experience to me and i honestly enjoyed every bit of it. It helped to keep me very … read more calm and relaxed. The trainer was exceptionally good and he made us enjoy the sessions and kept us highly motivated !
  • Avatar James George ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Fantastic Trainer, communicates the concepts effectively and you will get the results you are looking … read more for. The best Yoga Trainer in India in my own humble opinion.
  • Avatar TK Harshan ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Exceptional Yoga MasterAbhi is an outstanding yoga trainer with a very distinctive teaching style: clear, … read more attentive and outcome-driven.I have gained immensely from the personal yoga sessions that he has given me across the past several months. I feel a lot healthier and flexible and have benefited from his, step-by-step, calibrated training that takes you to higher levels as you build your capacity at each stage. This he achieves for you with a clear and contemporary approach that builds your confidence and capacities as he leads you from the simple to the complicated with a focus on fortifying your core.Personally, I am not a great believer in exerting myself, but, I confess, Abhi motivates me to achieve a bit more every day and I do look forward to his yoga classes where he does eggs me on with delightful results.Abhi is a bit of a slave-driver, yet a very warm, friendly, knowledgeable and empathetic Yoga Guru.
  • Avatar Satyen V Shah ★★★★★ a month ago
    I have joined in the last week of April 2020, like all , taking full advantage of the lockdown period … read more wherein there is ample time to pursue all the activities that we once had thought of. And definitely yoga was on my mind all the time.But online yoga was a bit of doubts before joining Abhi Sir.Imagine , a not so yoga freak joining for the first time and that too online... but somehow me and my wife joined. And I guess that was one of the best decision taken in recent times. Abhi Sir has an innate ability to make you feel his presence at every moment of the session, and so it was almost as if the online yoga sessions were actual yoga sessions. He has a very deep knowledge of his craft and that is transferred to his students certainly but effortlessly. I would certainly recommend to all those who are still thinking and / or looking for a right mentor.Thank you Abhi Sir for the valuable knowledge that you have shared with us.
  • Avatar rachel cherian ★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
    Joined abhilash's yoga class almost a month ago ...he was referred by lot of my friends who have … read more already enrolled in his yoga class almost a year ago...I was not very sure how the online class would really work but thought of giving it a try...and I was totally amazed what a wonderful yoga instructor abhilash is.His instructions are crystal clear ...and he points out even the smallest mistake and corrects you in the class...the breathing session done before the yoga are so calming and also the relaxation session post yoga..i can already feel the difference in just a month...his timings are very flexible and he ensures that we don't miss a class because of the unpredictable schedules in our daily routine.he's indeed a great teacher and I'm truly blessed to be a part of his class and bringing in the magic of yoga back to my life.thank you so much abhilash.
  • Avatar Sridevi Ashok ★★★★★ a year ago
    I was introduced to Abhi through my niece Sita.I joined a short personal session of breathing exercises.On … read more the first day, he explained the techniques of breathing and its benefits.Its only now I have come to know I was breathing wrongly. But, now I have been doing it right. When I joined the class I did not have confidence if I would be able to do yoga postures due to certain health issues. But Abhi gave me confidence and encouraged me to do the yoga. I have completed 20 classes and I feel very confident.One more thing I need to mention about Abhi is his dedication and punctuality. Thank you so much for giving me confidence and encouraging me to re-start yoga.
  • Avatar Mr. FoX Jose jr ★★★★★ a year ago
    I had trained under him in a small yoga section and taught me how to make my breathing and focus better … read more and he also shared some good healthy informations regarding how yoga help us to have a healthy body as well as a healthy mind More than a yoga trainer.He always uplift people's mind to deliver the best we can, good luck sir, I always enjoyed and remembered your yoga sections and information you taught us because it was too detailed and perfect
  • Avatar Bijal Sheth ★★★★★ a year ago
    Abhi is a supeb Yoga trainer. I joined his 1st online batch at the start and m glad I did coz though … read more online, Abhi gave attention to all aspects, breathing , positions and the main highlight is the transition from one asana to another was so swift.Secondly the relaxation part at the end is one big step to a refreshed day. Thanks Abhi
  • Avatar Asha Jegadeesan ★★★★★ a year ago
    Hai every one, here I want express myself about Abhilash as my Yoga Guru. Pranam to him from deep of … read more my heart. I have met him in one the leadership training programme. Later while searching for yoga , I came across the same Abhilash in youtube. I subscribed and started watching. One day casually I approached to attend his class. The same moment he took special interest spoke to me and I was really feeling happy convinced motivated to join his class. The same day he took a special care of finding out medical issues and he helps me in the way I can feel lighter and can do yoga whole heartedly.Above all he listens to what we are saying, and gives the solution while practicing yoga. Even though it is a common online session I can easily make out that he really cares for meThis makes me not to miss any of his classes.Another important aspect I want to share is, even though it is an online class he takes interest pain and special care to teach for a single student. He never cancels the class. Very punctual.Abhilash being a psychologist studies the mind of his students and cares them as a mother with unconditional love and affection.I don't know much about him, but still I feel like sharing and discussing my mind and get the councelling from him.One more good thing I noticed is, he never takes any issues seriously instead he tells the way to overcome that issue and forget past and insists in such convincing manner to search for the next wonderful opportunity waiting for us.Beyond all this, he is very humble kind broad minded generous with plenty of tolerance and perseverance to achieve his goal and make his students also to achieve their objectives of joining yoga under him.Me being aged always need a motivation and a push to do work. After joining his class I have been rejuvenated feeling energetic and enthusiastic to complete my work .I bless Abhilash to be the best yoga trainer and also wish him to be recognised by the government to be awarded with the highest hirarchy as an excellent teacher. Let his family and children be blessed.Thank you Abhilash. Pranam Guruji.
  • Avatar Nancy Victor ★★★★★ a year ago
    I started yoga during the lockdown time,when my weight was in my highest.Abhi was introduced through … read more my sister.He is well knowledgeable in what he trains us to do.Keep us motivated all the time. The best part is he explains all the asanas with its purposes and how exactly it has to be done..Its been my 3rd week and I want to continue yoga all my life.The best trainer would be abhilash.
  • Avatar arun radhakrishnan nair ★★★★★ a year ago
    Abhilash is a great yoga instructor,I recommend that everyone come and experience the space that he created … read more for his students to relax into themselves and to begin or further their journey on the path of yoga.
  • Avatar Divya Kulshrestha ★★★★★ a year ago
    Abhi is definitely one of the best yoga trainers.. he is so dedicated and passionate that you will enjoy … read more every session of his. I happen to know Abhi from my NLP workshop and had been thinking of attending his yoga getaway which I have not been able to till now.. but I enrolled in his online sessions and though it’s online it’s very engaging and a definite yes if you want to go for Yoga.I am myself a certified yoga trainer and I joined Abhi’s classes to further improve on my skills and learn more..and I like the way he teaches .. kudos to you...Abhi focuses a lot on the breathing during asanas and that has been immensely helpful for a better health for me personal, he remembers and acknowledges the health issues of the students and guides them accordingly during the sessions.And yes.. not to forget the Suryanamaskars , on day 5 of the yoga class all we’re able to do 50 sets and on day 10 we all touched 100.. some accomplishment for such a short span of time ..WAY TO GO ABHI... admire your resonance with yoga and the efforts you put into your workshops.. wish you all the glory and achievementsCheers all the way ahead...
  • Avatar Markus H ★★★★★ a year ago
    It was my first yoga class ever with Abhi in beautiful Kovalam.He discussed with me my goals for the … read more 1-week individual daily training and he tailored the training perfectly to my needs. He explained everything well and paid full attention to me. After this week I go back to my country with a tailor-made exercise sequence which I can practice everyday now. Thanks to Abhi.
  • Avatar Michèle Sgro ★★★★★ a year ago
    I am Michèle from France. I am 64. Abhi is my favourite yoga trainer in India! I first met him 2 years … read more ago in Kovalam, recommended by a french friend. And this year, again in Kovalam, I couldn’t choose another teacher, I only wanted Abhi!! And I was lucky because he could manage to be available! Abhi is not only a good teacher, he is also a nice person. He always listen very well, he feels when there is a difficulty and he is able to adapt the lesson. Once, after 4 or 5 lessons with him, I thought I could practice alone...but no way! I would have missed his explanations, his energy, his vibrations ! I needed his expert gaze that sees my possibilities, which is capable of leading me in the right direction. With him I made great progress and we were both happy! And really, after every lesson, I felt happiness! That’s why I recommend Abhi as a yoga trainer!!
  • Avatar Sajini Shibil ★★★★★ a year ago
    Abhi sir is an excellent yoga trainer.His dedication and passion makes his classes lively and fruitful.He … read more gives personal attention to each student .He understands our strengths and weakness and trains us accordingly. He motivates and boosts our confidence during his sessions. I never thought I could do certain stretches beyond my limits but with his help and guidance I am able to do them with ease.Above all he is friendly and approachable .
  • Avatar DAISY ANAND ★★★★★ a year ago
    I am one who believes that Health is Wealth . So when this yoga classes started within my doorsteps , … read more thought to take advantage . The yoga sessions conducted by Abhi sir is good and he as a trainer has lot of patience with each student while teaching them each poses . He especially gives attention to the breathing control which is the essence of yoga . He gives individual attention and understanding our strength and weakness trains accordingly. After each session I feel rejuvenated . With more training I am sure I will be able to attain more stamina , strength and good health .
    Daisy A
  • Avatar Varshini Sundaram ★★★★★ a year ago
    Abhi has been the reason and inspiration for me to start my yoga journey. I attended his classes and … read more he is a wonderful teacher. He is extremely punctual and has a wonderful aura that surrounds him. Very well taught and patient with his students. In the future I hope I get to learn more from Abhi. 🙏🏾

Chidambaram C
Chidambaram C
15:31 19 Apr 20
Abhilash is not just another yoga trainer, he is a very effective one at that. It is not just about teaching yoga by... showing the asanas & exercises, it is about how you teach and how you make others do the asanas even though others are not confident about doing certain asanas. Also, Abhilash is very good at breaking limiting beliefs in the minds of his students. For example, I thought I cannot do Surya Namaskars more than 10 rounds in a session, but he enabled me to do 50 rounds within a week of attending his session. The best thing is, he is very approachable and easy to connect with. Abhilash is always energetic and passionate about his art.read more
Ashish Patil
Ashish Patil
17:01 23 Jul 19
I had attended 5 days yoga retreat at serene Matheran with the Yog Guru Abhilash.Abhi is a person with substance.I had... done various yoga courses before when i was a student.But Abhi is the first person who taught right way of breathing the“ prana” of yoga practice.He is very warm n full of patience which brings best out of you. I believe he is best amongst the lot of yog guru.And the best part is he has a customised programme for everyone.So highly recommended...read more
Sarah Winkler
Sarah Winkler
14:48 05 Oct 18
A great yoga experience! Very knowledgable, pays close attention to the details and status of each participant. I would... definitely return for more!read more
Anju S b
Anju S b
08:18 23 Sep 17
Abhilash sir, The best yoga master in Kerala!!! No words to express his dedication and knowledge.. Got the best yoga... training from Avadhuta yoga centre.. Very positive and relaxed atmosphere..read more
akash raj
akash raj
16:33 17 Sep 17
Passion and dedication is what I should stress about this individual.. Anyone can be a trainer but all that matters or... only factor is how affective it is! Abhi is a person who understand your needs and each session is like a peace class! Well that's an art! Thanks Avadhuta! I recommend 100%.. Worth!read more
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