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About Avadhuta School of Yoga

Healthy body is home to a healthy mind. And only with a healthy mind can you work properly to get a healthy body. On which should we work first? Working on both simultaneously is the only way.

Ask yourself: Am I healthy?

Just losing your weight will not make you healthy? Then will absence of any disease will do? No, it will not.

Being healthy simply means having zeal to work, every day you wake up. And we are here for you in order to achieve that only. For hygiene we bathe every day, same goes for being healthy, we have to work on it every day.

Welcome to Avadhuta Yoga.

Avadhuta meaning

Avadhuta is a Sanskrit term referring to a type of mystic or saint who is beyond egoic-consciousness, duality and common worldly concerns and acts without consideration for standard social etiquette.

Avadhuta School of Yoga started in April 2014 with an aim to create awareness about the Power of Yoga to the wonderful creatures of mankind. We had students from various parts of the world who use the yoga practices for their physical as well as mental wellness. It is located at the heart of Kovalam beach in Kerala, better known as God’s Own Country..

Our Mission & Objectives

Spread yoga (the ultimate science) around the world
Cutting down the hospital bills and make people healthier and immunized
Generate awareness of practicing yoga and it’s benefits in society.
Creating healthier younger generation.

We have learned Yoga from


Lineage trainer

BKS iyengar

Lineage trainer in Goa

Pattabhi Jois

Lineage trainer in Mumbai

About Abhilash!
Abhilash is the Founder and Chief Trainer of Avadhuta School of Yoga who has been into Yoga since 2007. He is Certified by Sivananda International Yoga and Vedanta Ashram and a recognised teacher by Yoga Alliance, USA as ERYT200. Abhilash is also associated with many foreign yoga teachers from France, The United Kingdom, Denmark, Russia, Taiwan, Indonesia and China. He has trained all types of individuals from kids to a 90 year old, from students to entrepreneurs and cricket players and from national institute professors to doctors as well.
Skills and Experience
Hatha Yoga80%
Vinyasa Yoga75%
Yoga Nidra85%

Avadhuta Yoga Trainers

Suneesh Surendran

Sunesh Surendra is one of the co-trainers in the school who is practicing and teaching with us since 2014.

Tuhin Sukesan

Tuhin Sukesan started as a student here in the school and started teaching since 2016

Dr. Suni Mary Varghese

Dr. Suni Mary Varghese is a PHD holder in Food Science and Nutrition from Kerala University. She is a Nutritionist and Diet consultant.

Why Abhilash’s school of Yoga?
  • At Avadhuta School of Yoga, yoga is more than just an exercise. Because you are more – much more – than just a body and client to us.. 
  • Our classes help you cultivate good health and fitness, calm your mind and emotions, and enable you to live your life with a smile and a feeling of joy everyday. 
  • You relax and enjoy your yoga experience, knowing your teacher will keep you safe in the poses. 
  • If you have an injury or chronic pain, we’ll offer customised suggestions to help your body heal. We enable you in transforming your life through the supreme science of yoga and meditation.
  • Our yoga and meditation practices can help in relieving lot of issues associated with thyroid, diabetes, blood pressure, insomnia, cholesterol and stress