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About Corporate Yoga Workshops

The intent of any company to have corporate yoga workshops is to guarantee wellness of its employees. We have followed yoga as a part of our culture since ancient times; but for some reasons, we have dropped this habit. By having yoga workshops at offices, a message can be passed on to the employees so that they get to know about yoga, experience its benefits and eventually make it a part of their lifestyle.

At Avadhuta School of Yoga we organise corporate workshops, which are specially designed to improve concentration, immunity boosting and deep relaxation techniques, hence productivity. Employees will definitely feel the difference and become more active after doing yoga.

When organizations conducts these kind of workshops, employees also realizes that they are being cared and which encourages them to work happily. It will strengthen the organization’s work culture and improve the lives of its staff, and yoga workshops are a healthy way of doing that.

In present times, when employees receives more than a paycheck, they will feel cherished and definitely return the favors. When an individual works with a healthy body and mind and a happy heart, the results are of course and eventually get better.

It is not a hybrid or a popularized version of yoga, but a direct lineage that is taught by the Master to the student. Despite the differences among the styles and approaches, the foundation of the practice shares the same premise. That is, the body is one gate; the mind is the next.

Advantages of Yoga
  • Increases overall productivity of the human resource which results in overall organizational objective fulfilment.
  • Healthy employer and employee relationships and overall reduction in stress and absenteeism
  • Reduces human resource turnover and cost of acquiring and training new employees
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A lesser-known fact about yoga is that it helps to improve memory. The corporate culture is very competitive, with the deadlines making it stressful and difficult to manage. Yoga not only strengthens the body, but it also tones up the mind power. Yoga is underestimated in comparison with other forms of exercises and practices, but among its many benefits also comes the ability to deal with anxiety and frustration. Individuals practicing yoga on a daily basis are less likely to go into depression. A healthy mind can generate more creative ideas and it all contributes in creating a healthy work environment