1. Daily Classes

We provide regular classes at our centre at morning 5 am to 6.15 am and at the evening 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm.

The courses we offer through our regular classes are

a. Classic Yoga techniques for beginners – Includes basic asanas, breathing exercises and relaxation.
b. Yoga for the intermediate – for students who have already completed 3 months beginner's course.
c. Advanced Yoga lessons - for students who completed 3 months intermediate course. This includes advanced asanas, breathing exercises and meditation techniques.
d. Tailor made courses – these are specially crafted courses for students who need special attention.
e. Kids yoga - Specially designed course for kids to improve their concentration, provide awareness on their health regime, increase confidence and positive self image.


Yoga retreats or Yoga vocations are programmes designed to provide a complete withdrawal from your current state to a world of tranquility. Through our specially designed retreat programme we offer one of a kind yogic experience for our students that too in the middle of naturally beautiful and serene locations.

What we offer through our retreats are

Yoga with nature - Conducted in naturally beautiful locations Specially crafted asanas focusing to relive stress and pain.
Workshops conducted by trained professionals.
Special vegetarian diet under the supervision of our dietician
consultant. Complete rejuvenation of the mind and body.
In addition to our programmes we have also associated with many International teachers and have successfully conducted retreat programmes for different groups from France, Russia, Denmark and Taiwan.

3. Yoga for the Elders

Age related ailments are the part and parcel of elderly people and most of them start to adjust and live with the pain through the support of medicines which only contribute to more health related problems in future. Here in Avadutha School of yoga our carefully and properly crafted asanas can be easily adopted and performed by the elderly.

Our specially designed Slow Yoga Course for the elderly includes

Selected asanas that can be easily learnt and performed Triggers the right areas of the body, decreasing pain (joint pains, back pains, neck pains etc)

Releases blockages and increases blood circulation Breathing exercises to bring mental and physical equilibrium

4.Weight Loss Program

Obesity is a problem if not controlled can be a serious threat to our way of living. Yoga is the best option for losing weight naturally. Here in Avadutha School of yoga we provide two kinds of weight loss programme
    21 days rigorous programme This is a challenging 21 days programme which is designed exclusively for those who are young and can adopt to the various challenging yoga asanas. The asanas will be performed to burn calories, get your heart rate up and increase your metabolic function. Throughout the programme the student will be asked to follow a strict diet under the supervision of our dietician

    Gentle Yoga and breathing exercise

    A specially designed weight loss programme for those who have not done Yoga before. This includes selected postures which will stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, which regulates breathing, digestion and hormones. Gentle yoga can be easily performed by both the young and the elderly