At Avadhuta School of Yoga we believe Yoga is more than just exercise, it is the binding of both mind and body. Our trainers are well educated in the science of Yoga. All our trainers have good communication skills. Through our experience that we gained over many years of teaching we have developed a sound training programme which includes

  • Understanding both physical and mental fitness of the student
  • Understanding both physical and mental fitness of the student
  • Tailor made programme for each student (if required)
  • Proper communication with the student
  • Proper explanation of each posture
  • Special attention in correcting errors
  • Continuous review of student
  • Friendly approach in training
  • Our specially crafted training programmes has so far helped our students in bringing a dramatic change in their life those who were suffering from depression, body pains (including chronic back pain, neck pain and joint pains), stress etc. Our goal here in Avadhuta School of yoga is to not just provide a training programme to our students but also to make sure that our student learns it in the right way. We have so far trained more than 1000 students individually and taken group classes for more than 100 groups (consisting atleast 4 members in one group). We have also conducted 4 Yoga retreats associating with different Yoga practitioners from around the world and have been successfully providing regular classes for our students at our centre ever since our inception


    Abhilash Soman, Founder and Chief Trainer

    Sunesh Surendra Assistant Trainer

    Tuhin Sukesan Assistant Trainer

    Dr. Suni Mary Varghese Nutritionist and Dietician Consultant