Avadhutha Yoga

Avadhuta School of yoga was founded in 2014 by Abhilash Soman, a certified Yoga trainer from Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashram and a recognized teacher by the Yoga Alliance, USA (as E-RYT200), with an aim to create awareness on the science of yoga to the masses by improving their physical and mental well-being through the art of Yoga.

Ever since its inception the school has successfully trained more than 1000 students from various geographies, of people belonging to different age groups and having different physical characteristics.

Our school is located at the heart of Kovalam - the beautiful coastal town in the southern Indian state of Kerala. With a wonderful view of the grove of coconuts and the Arabian Sea, it gives an ideal atmosphere for practicing yoga and meditation.

The School offers programmes on classical yoga techniques for beginners, Advance Yoga classes, Tailor made programmes and Yoga retreats.

Our specially crafted training programmes has so far helped our students in bringing a dramatic change in their life those who were suffering from depression, body pains (including chronic back pain, neck pain and joint pains), stress etc.

Yoga is a classical Indian science dealing with the search for the soul through increasing the inner strength and controls body and mind to enable them to harmonize with spirit. Yoga and meditation reduces the stress and tensions of daily life through the practice. Yoga increases the muscle flexibility, reduces body fat and attain relaxation. Yoga is practical philosophy involving every aspects of human being.

Our Achievements

Rejuvenate and Treat your body like a temple by giving it the most blissful experience of experiencing Avadhuta Yoga retreats.More....

We make you light and bright like a butterfly. Wow!!! Isn't it amazing to feel this way?

Yes, we understand that your place is your kingdom and we teach yoga at your kingdom personally tailor made for you.

Carefully and properly crafted ASANAS which can be easily adopted by the elderly.

Yoga everyday keeps your hospital bills away!!

Why not you when even Ussain bolt and Lionel Messi does yoga?

More than 1000 happy clients. Do we need to say anything more?